So despite the fact I have no idea how to, I thought it might be fun to start a little blog.

I like loads of things and find I want to talk about lots of different subjects. You could say I lack focus however, I choose to see it as having a wide range of interests. In my heart I’m still eighteen so I love the music of the 90s, Dr Marten boots and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In my more grown up moments though, I’m a burgeoning cook. I have some enthusiasm, not a lot of skill but sometimes some luck in the kitchen. More than that I like to make stuff. I have fabric, beads and wool at my disposal and crafting bits and pieces from them is a real passion. When it’s too dark or my fingers are too sore I do love a good movie too. I believe this breadth of interests, which also includes horticulture, history and reading is why I never became an Olympian. I just can’t choose one area to focus on, and of course my aversion to most physical activities has nothing to do with it! As you will notice, the things I mostly like are pretty sedentary, but hey, not everyone can be a fitness fan!

So this is my twenty first century life, in the UK…..


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