Learning to crochet

Way back last summer this Facebook group, Sixty Million Trebles, tumbled into my timeline and changed my life. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a charitable project to produce woollen blankets for refugees. The aim is to produce sixty million treble stitches, to represent the estimated sixty million displaced people in the world.

So blankets are made to measure 36″ x 36″ square, the stitches are then counted and added to a centralised tally.There’s a world record attempt going on at the same time. The blankets will be collected and connected together to try and make the largest yarn bomb ever this summer. Once done, they will separated and distributed to those in need.

We are a growing, international group, that does not discriminate in any way. Even non-crocheters are welcome, for moral support, donations of yarn or spreading the word. It is easily the friendliest group on Facebook, in my opinion.

The blanket I have attached to this post is the very first one I made last year. In fact, it is the very first thing I ever crocheted. I learnt by watching the tutorial videos available on YouTube, posting my unsuccessful attempts on Facebook and following the advice then given. It took a few hours to get the hang of the stitches but then it became a rhythm and a challenge to get the blanket up to size. I’ve found it to be a wonderful hobby and I wholeheartedly encourage anyone to learn. It’s even been shown to be beneficial to your health by reducing anxiety, insomnia and physical pain.

So what are you waiting for. Help yourself and help someone in desperate need too.


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