What do I actually know about Donald Trump?

OK, so I’ve read the vitriol and I’ve listened to the speeches and there are polarising opinions about this man. He’s not my President, not just because I would never vote for him but also because I am a Brit and thus not eligible. However, he is a figure on the world stage and I feel I should be aware of the truth regarding this man.

As I said above, I would not vote for him. Why? Well, I believe he is a bigot, a misogynist, unqualified, unstatesmanlike and ill-equipped for the role. I haven’t seen anything to suggest he is a positive role model but I feel I should do some investigation to ensure I am correct. I don’t want to hurl unfounded accusations so I’m going to take a look at the evidence.

Firstly, is he a bigot? Typically, a bigoted person is prejudiced, close-minded and intolerant. Off I go to find out and the first thing to note is the immediate removal of the LGBT section the White House website which can only mean the Trump administration is not tolerant of this section of society….

After two more hours of researching Mr. Trump, reading various publications, his Twitter account and White House press releases I am too distressed to list all the various ways in which Trump is offensive to me. I would naturally fall into the Democratic Party, being pro-choice and pro-gun control but I really hoped there would be some glimmer of hope in the Trump presidency. I have to conclude that there is not. He has such low opinions of people who are not white, male, American and whilst that in itself is upsetting, in the context of world politics it is alarming and offensive. It should not be acceptable to consider women as property, or to harass members of the LGBT community, or persecute based on faith.

What has gone so wrong that hate is at the forefront. Has history not taught us that unity is strengthening, that a person is a person no matter colour, religion, origin or sexuality. Discrimination is a bad thing and it is to the detriment of all if people are not valued for their individuality.

In addition, Trump’s lack of statesmanship is embarrassing and his rough-shod, uneducated manner of dealing with diplomatic situations is terrifying. The recent Palestinian/Israeli debacle whereby he declared his support for the plan that everyone else agreed on is a prime example of his inability to fulfil this role. International relations are supremely important in this modern age. It is ridiculous that the leader of the free world does not have the capacity or knowledge to answer questions from the press and indeed, more ridiculous that the free press is labelled as deceitful when it disagrees with him. We can only hope that members of the press will persevere.





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