via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Being nervous is something that I believe affects more people, more of the time, than anyone really admits. It’s not cool to be nervous, it’s not strong, it’s not attractive. Unfortunately, it is part of every day life and I think there’s a lot of emotional energy spent trying not to admit that.

In these modern times, we are obsessed with the visual, with appearance and there is no doubt that certainly in Western culture the emphasis placed on appearance makes a massive number of us nervous. We worry that we don’t conform, we worry that we do conform and thus get lost in the crowd. We worry that we don’t meet the expectations of ‘beautiful,’ and so one. I know there’s this body positive movement now, I’ve seen the Instagram posts of natural photos and the encouragement to accept oneself, but I have also read the articles of the teenagers who have been bullied so much over their looks that they have resorted to suicide. This trend of body obsessiveness makes me nervous. Just think of all the time, energy and money poured into achieving the ‘perfect’ appearance. If that was diverted to something more public spirited, just imagine the social changes we could achieve. Wouldn’t that be more positive? A conscious shift to focusing on the welfare of others would boost self-esteem and solve some social problems. I know most want to look their best and that’s fine, but do you need plastic nails, nylon eyelashes, extra hair to do that? Add up the cost of your beauty treatments and then think what that money donated to a favourite charity could do.

I’m not saying everyone should be makeup free just because I am, but I wish we could be more focused on other things. I’m not nervous about being judged because I don’t style my hair or draw on my face, people who do so are not who I want in my life. However, this is not to say that I am not a nervous person. My performance as a parent is of far more concern to me and the thing that makes me most nervous. Additionally, I like to do homemade crafts but the finished items are a constant source of nervous tension, in respect to the quality I can produce. So I believe, that no matter who we are there is always going to be something that makes everybody nervous and somehow that puts everyone on a level playing field. We need to conquer the sources of our nervousness, use our new found confidence to pursue our dreams and the future is happier for it.


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